Safety & Security


Safe Journey in Thirumala Cruise

We care for you and our team of experts ensures that you have a pleasant trip with us for which we take it very seriously when it comes to your security.

Our houseboat is equipped with safety materials right from Life Jackets to Fire Extinguisher to Expert Swimmers in case of any emergency or mishap occurs. Moreover, our every single houseboat has got phone systems where one could directly communicate with our shore office. Our other preliminary security measures include.

First Aid at Houseboats

Our houseboats which is one of the biggest in Alleppey is equipped with first aid equipments which might be required for minor treatments like headache, stomachache, fever, and cold etc.

Mosquito Repellant at Houseboats

Our houseboats are kept very neat and clean every single hour but still, we do not take any chance which could harm or let our customers down. With mosquito nets in every room and even repellant creams also to be provided we are very sure that not even a mosquito can harm your pleasant trip.